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Nelson Congregational Church

Nelson Congregational Church - New Hampshire

Photo by Scott Dommin
Scott's PBase Gallery

     Named in honor of navel hero Admiral Horatio Nelson, the village of Nelson was placed on a New Hampshire map in 1814. Its charter was granted in 1752 and later incorporated as Monadnock in 1774. It was during this time its first roads were laid out and eventually connected to well established towns. These were the days when a penny meant something. By the mid 1800s, men were paid eight cents an hour, working with higher paid oxen to help keep the roads rut-free and clear.
     The Nelson Congregational Church was also built around the mid 1800s, replacing the original meeting house. As you may guess, the Nelson Church is still the center for a large part of the town's activities. Here at the church, members may serve up community suppers, offer an ice cream social or a band concert. On Saturday nights a crowd may gather at the Town Hall, and by eight o’clock friends and neighbors will be having a great time on the dance floor cutting the rug. Admission is only a few dollars, and no experience is necessary.



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