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Walter’s Mill Bridge

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Walter’s Mill Bridge - Somerset, Pennsylvania

Photo by Ron Lutz II
Ron's Panoramio Gallery

   Following routes created to support the French and Indian War efforts, America settlers headed to western Pennsylvania, crossing the Appalachian Mountains to new land. A territory frequented by Indian tribes and trappers, these new residents found abundant game and fertile land. Here in this remote region commerce was limited, creating a self sufficient group of farmers and craftsmen. The 150 acre Somerset Historical Center celebrates these early settlers and preserve a piece of 19th century history, a story of their lives, buildings, and everyday tools and necessities.
   Along with improved farming practices and agrarian science, came an increase of crop production and the beginning of the Industrial Age. Pack mule trails were widened, river fords were replaced by bridges, and young men moved from farms to factories. The idea of sheltering a wooden bridge from the elements soon caught on, protecting these valuable structures. Here at the Somerset Historical Center, farmhouses, barns, and settlers homes have been preserved, as well as the 1850s Walter’s Mill Bridge. Two extensive restoration periods have kept the covered bridge in remarkable condition. Originally crossing Coxes Creek, the bridge was moved eight miles north to the Center, adding another authentic structure.

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