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Trails End

Trails End - Red Canyon

Photos by Rob Jones
Trip Report

     This thrilling, high altitude view from the mouth of Red Canyon looks out toward the Colorado River and marks the end of Tonto Trail. The trail, dipping down under the Grand Canyon rim from Elves Chasm to the Red Canyon, covers nearly 70 miles. Early native inhabitants and prospectors had laid the groundwork for today's canyon trails. The Red Canyon trail was initially built by John Hance. He soon discovered tourists' dollars came much easier than his meager mining earnings. The Native Americans and miners are long gone, and tourism has taken over at Arizona's most popular attraction.
     Whether its by land or on the water, canyon adventures are found from one end to the other. Colorado RaftingThe National Park Service provides trail information for pre-adventure planning, a must for the inexperienced. Grand Canyon rafting, with trips lasting from 3 to 20 days, takes advantage of the Colorado River's whitewater and rapids. Outfitters setup river excursion throughout the canyonlands, showcasing some of the most spectacular scenery on earth.



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