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Wheeling Suspension Bridge

Wheeling Suspension Bridge

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     The Wheeling Suspension Bridge, an essential link of the National Road, is thought as the one of the greatest engineering achievements in America's early history. The 1,000 foot span was designed long before the automobile era. The original bridge built across the east channel of the Ohio River was completed in 1849. The marvel lasted just five years. A violent storm lifted the bridge to the height of its supporting towers before the twisted wreckage plunged in to the river below.
     The bridge was rebuilt and reopened in 1859, with added auxiliary stay cables. Subsequent repairs over the next century readied the bridge for automobile traffic. Major additions included steel decking and floor beams, updated cables and anchors, and 154 distinctive globe lights added a touch of refinement.
     Over the years the historic bridge has earned three distinctive awards. Honors include the National Historic Engineering Landmark (1969), National Historic Landmark (1975), and added to the National Register of Historic Places (1980).



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