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Fayette Farmland

Fayette Farmland

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Out of Independence, Route 150 leads northward through Fayette County's rich prairies and rolling hills covered in Iowa's scenic farmland. This perspective view illustrates the look of the land and gives a hint to the difficulties found on a large farm. Just a walk from the house to the mailbox at roadside looks tiring. The endless fields require daylong efforts. Here, driving to work means heading out into the field, searching for the equipment abandoned from last night's chores. During the summer months, when the days end after 9 o'clock, it's not uncommon for families to eat supper at 10 P.M.
     In Iowa, where agriculture is the leading industry, generations of farm families take pride in the importance of their work. Although the majority of farmers grow up in the business, it's not unusual to find city residents touched with a pioneering spirit and the desire of getting dirty.



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