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Big Chickies Creek Bridge

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Big Chickies Creek Bridge (Siegrist's Mill Covered Bridge) Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     During the 1800s, Pennsylvania saw hundreds and hundreds of covered bridges sprout up, spanning rivers and creeks throughout the state. At one time Pennsylvania's inventory of wooden bridges totaled more than 1500. Reduced by fire and flood, that number has dwindled to 218 covered bridges at last count, creating a deeper appreciation for these historic landmarks.
     One of Lancaster County's many covered bridges, the Siegrist Bridge, just north of Marietta, aided residents in crossing Chiques Creek for a 126 years. The 102 foot long Big Chickies Bridge dates back to 1885, when the hand hewn Burr trusses were raised by James G. Carpenter. Owned and maintained by the county, the bridge survived a close call when rain swollen creek waters of Tropical Storm Agnes (1972) slightly damaged the bridge. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980, the bridge received a death blow on September 8th 2011. Tropical Storm Lee, one of 13 storm systems of the 2011 season, dropped historic amounts of rainfall in Pennsylvania. The five ton bridge could not withstand the floodwaters of a raging creek, and was ripped from its abutments and carried downstream.
     Once the pride of the community (named for the nearby Siegrist family), the Siegrist's Mill Bridge was sorely missed Amish Farmer - Lancaster County, PA in Lancaster County. The subject of annual fall festivals and covered bridge driving tours, a contract to repair the bridge was accepted and scheduled to to be completed by mid summer of 2013. The bridge recently rejoined the county's 25 covered bridges, where Pennsylvania Dutch Country draws in thousands of tourists. Finding old country charm, well kept Amish farms and Pennsylvania's picturesque farmland, sightseers love this section of central Pennyslvania.

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