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Elephant Trunk Arch

Elephant Trunk Arch

Photos by Rob Jones
Trip Report

A little imagination and a deep breath of rarefied air; and voila, you have before you the Elephant Trunk Arch. This 125 foot natural arch, composed of Cedar Mesa sandstone, is found nearby the opening to Big Pocket from Upper Salt Creek, more than 18 miles from the Canyonlands paved park road. Salt Creek is the most extensive perennial water source, other than the Green and Colorado rivers, in Canyonlands National Park. The Salt Creek Canyon area is prime real estate for backpackers. The cluster of natural arches is part of the lure here. And tracking down these natural wonders can be part of the adventure.
Until 1998, motor vehicles had a free range of Middle Salt Creek Canyon. One could drive into the Angel Arch side canyon, an easy way to see this very popular arch. These rugged trails proved too much for some vehicles, requiring assistance from good Samaritans or the park service. A series of park management policy changes has prohibited motorized public use in Salt Creek Canyon beyond Peek-a-Boo Springs. The road has been closed for over four years, and water quality and riparian areas are recovering nicely.



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