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Southford Falls Bridge

Southford Falls Bridge - Southford Falls State Park, Connecticut

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     New England, comprised of six states, is well known for its scenic beauty. Making a wonderful travel destination any time during the year, it is most glorious in the fall. Even though Connecticut is one of the smallest New England states (along with Rhode Island), its scenic wonders are spread throughout, from the coastal region in the south to the valleys and mountains inland. If you like nature, waterfalls, history or hiking, it's easy to find something of interest in one of Connecticut's parks. Whether it's a vacation week or just a day with spent with your family, Connecticut offers over 100 parks to choose from.
     Southford Falls State Park, located near Southbury in western Connecticut, is a picturesque little day park. Great for the entire family, its pond, waterfall and cascading Eight Mile Brook create a charming setting. One of the park's attractions is a covered bridge over Eight Mile Brook. Eight Mile Brook Although it's not a relic from the 19th century, the 1972 vintage Southford Falls Bridge goes well with autumn's display. Making a perfect setting for family portraits, the park's 45 foot covered bridge draws a lot of attention.
     Here in Connecticut's northern hardwood forest, Southford Falls State Park puts on its best appearance in the fall. Reaching their peak almost simultaneously, the area's white birch, mountain maple, sugar maple, American beech, a large variety of oaks, witch hazel, white ash and hickory offer a blazing exhibition.



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