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Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Although the first skirmishes (Concord and Lexington) of the Revolutionary War were fought in Massachusetts, battles were spread up and down the coast, from Quebec, Canada, to Savannah, Georgia. A southern battle site is preserved at Musgrove Mill State Historic Site. A bloody encounter pitted South Carolina's Patriot militia against Provincial regulars and Loyalists. It's been written the Patriots scored a convincing victory, marking a turning point Musgrove Mill SHS
Interpretive Centerof the war in the Carolinas.
     Remnants of the Edward Musgrove plantation home are found in the park. His home, attracting British forces, was the site of a battle camp. The modern interpretive center houses exhibits of the battlefield, southern heroines and period weapons. This South Carolina park scene includes Cedar Shoals Creek and Horseshoe Falls. Hiking and picnic areas are scattered throughout the site and along the Enoree River. Canoeing, kayaking, swimming and fishing are fun ways to spends a day on the local waterways. There are 2.5 miles of interpretive trails that include the Musgrove home and mill sites.



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