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Tishamingo Swinging Bridge

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Tishamingo Swinging Bridge - Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi

Photos by Ben Prepelka
Ben's Panoramio Gallery

     The Chickasaw Tribe, long gone from eastern Mississippi, was forced to sell their homeland and move westward to Oklahoma. Haynes Lake - Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi Even though the United States recognized the Chickasaw one of the Five Civilized Tribes, constant skirmishing erupted among encroaching European American settlers, settled by their removal during the 1830s.
     Here in northeastern corner of Mississippi, the city of Tishomingo is a reminder of the Chickasaw Nation, named for the Chickasaw Chief. Just south of town and adjacent the Natchez Bear Creek Trail - Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi Trace Parkway is Tishomingo State Park, created in 1930. The Civilian Conservation Corp established the park, laid out hiking trails and built the park's infrastructure. One of the many CCC projects that remain today, the 200 foot long swinging bridge takes hikers and rock climbers over Bear Creek. A popular landmark, the bridge leads to a unique landscape of massive rock formations along the Bear Creek. Unlike anything else in the state, the three mile Bear Creek Outcropping Trail passes a series of cliffs, outcroppings and overhangs, including the 60 foot Jeanís Overhang.
     While Jean's Overhang is the park's most popular area for climbing and bouldering, Bear Creek and Haynes Lake offer water related park activities. With canoes, rowboats and paddleboats rentals, this 1500 acre Appalachian foothills park is an exceptional spot for summer fun.

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