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Sinkyone Coastal Park

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Sinkyone Coastal Park - Whitethorn, California

Photos by Rob Jones
Lost Coast Trip Report

     These few interesting words, primitive, rugged and backcountry, Roosevelt Elk may be your first clue that Sinkyone State Park may not be your average state park. When being warned to bring extra supplies in case the access road is washed out gives a good idea that this is a primitive park, offering little to no facilities. In fact, the Usal Beach Campground is the only one of the park's sites that you can drive to. Recognized early on as a fantastic location for reflection and meditation, this section of the Lost Coast remains unspoiled and far away from the modern world.
     Here along the California Coast, the relentless sea provides a slow background beat for a raucous chorus Sea Lion Island - Lost Coast of sea gulls, harbor seals and sea lions. Herds of Roosevelt elk roam the park, while bears awaken sloppy campers.
     Characterized by rugged sea-side cliffs, dense forests, a vast prairie, and miles of deserted beaches, the park's 7500 acres are a marvelous reminder of what the Pacific Coast native tribes once enjoyed. Named for the Sinkyone Tribe, the park's primitive camping sites remain on a first-come, first-serve basis. Its rugged and remote location suggests that this California state park is tailor-made for the Wilderness Vagabond.

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