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Delaware State Forest

Delaware State Forest

Photo by Terri Prepelka

     As the 19th century came to a close, Pennsylvania's forest depletion had reach an alarming state. Iron companies, needing tons of charcoal, had clear cut wide swaths of timberland. Lumbering companies also removed old growth forests, leaving behind tree tops and stumps. The dry brush piles were easily ignited, preventing new growth from taking hold. In 1895, Dr. Rothrock was appointed Pennsylvania's first Department of Forest and Waters head.
     This scene of Pennsylvania's Delaware State Forest showcases the success of conservation and forestry education. Doubling as a recreation area, this Upper Delaware Valley land offers 13 lakes, mountain streams and waterfalls. The Tarkill Forest Demonstration Area and Messing Nature Center cover a variety of educational experiences. Six Natural Areas, defines as scenic, historical, geological or ecological, are scattered throughout the Delaware State Forest.



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