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Rig Canyon

Rig Canyon

Photos by Rob Jones
Dare to say Dark Canyon Trip Report

     This dramatic early evening view catches Rig Canyon in a favorable light. Its high vertical wall and complementary blue sky, laced with far off wispy clouds, paints a wonderful canyonlands scene. What you don't see in this Utah setting are the controversial exclusions in a so-called wilderness land.
     In a bold move, the 1964 Wilderness Act laid out a plan to preserve America's pristine lands for all future generations. Since then, you'll find wilderness lands riddled with cherry stem exclusions, conveniently drawn around access roads, pipelines and power lines. And soon, new routes throughout the United States may be cut for oil exploration.
     Here in Rig Canyon, exploratory wells rigs were brought in years ago. Abandoned equipment scattered over the canyon has given the odd name to the area. The approach to the canyon, entering from Elk Ridge, remains the big exception to the wilderness rule in Dark Canyon. For the 4-wheeled adventurer, this route winds all the way to Canyonlands Needles District.



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