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Maple Lane

Maple Lane - Pennsylvania

Photo by Fred Weyman
Fred Weyman's Photostream

     Throughout the northeast, a brightly colored row of stately maples always creates a marvelous scene for the landscape artist. Looking as if they had been standing forever, this picturesque rural setting looks its best during October when the lane is blanketed in fallen leaves and the dark tree trunks contrast with autumn’s splendid foliage.
     This Maple Lane scene in southeastern Pennsylvania, now a private drive, was used 235 years ago by thousands of British and Hessian troops to outflank General Washington's army in the Battle of Brandywine. Sunken beneath the surrounding landscape, centuries of erosion help date this old rural lane. Many a maple, planted as saplings to shade the roadside, has seen much of America’s history pass by.
     Here in Chester County and the Philadelphia area, Americans can't help but mingle with the area's history. Highlighting America’s Colonial capital is a cluster of outstanding Philadelphia landmarks, such as Independence Hall, the Betsy Ross House, and Liberty Bell Center. You may also enjoy diner at the historic City Tavern, a tour of the Philadelphia Museum of Art or imagining yourself spending winter with Washington's troops at Valley Forge. Nothing can be more rewarding than experiencing Thomas Jefferson’s fresh ideas on democracy and inspiration from a 225 year old Declaration of Independence.



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