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East Broad Top Railroad

East Broad Top Railroad

Photo by Chris Muller
EBT Railroad Photo Shoot

In this unique perspective, a vintage Baldwin (#14) muscles its way up central Pennsylvania's Broad Top Mountain. You can almost hear the train whistle echo across the valley, feel the thundering locomotive shake the earth and smell the coal smoke caught on a light wind.
The East Broad Top Railroad, rescued by Nick Kovalchick and his family, also owes much to a group of enthusiastic workers and volunteers. Not just another tour train, the EBT Lines is considered the most complete historic railroad in North America. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964, the railroad thrills its passengers during the summer months from June through October.
An unusual large line-up (seven) of Baldwin locomotives make up the vintage collection of mostly narrow gauge steam engines. A handful of passenger cars, most built by the Laconia Car Company, date back to the late 1800s.
An integral part of coal mining operations on Broad Top Mountain, this railroad moved coal from Pennsylvania's mines for over 115 years. Upon closure, the entire rail system was bought out by the Kovalchick Salvage Company. Recently, the EBT Preservation Association has secured a three year contract to operate the railroad, with the hope to someday purchase this piece of railroading history.



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