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Frankfort Lighthouse

Frankfort Lighthouse

Photo by Merrill Miller

A treacherous, wind blown sea can sometimes lead to near disaster for a maritime crew. During an 1854's violent storm on Lake Michigan, Captain George Tifft and fellow seaman were driven toward the beach near Lake Betsie. Tifft, with years of experience at the helm, and a bit of luck, was able to ride the crest of a wave over a shallow inlet to Lake Betsie. The captain and crew survived the scare and discovered a wonderful harbor.
During the late 1800s the Army Corps of Engineers improved the channel into the harbor and a lighthouse was erected as a guide for lake traffic. Later in 1912, a new tower was built, sheathed with steel plates. Later the light was moved to the end of the north breakwater. Today, the harbor has lost its commercial importance, but the Frankfort Lighthouse remains, reminding visitors of its storied past.



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