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Pemigewasset River

Pemigewasset River

Photos by John Andreozzi
Andreozzi Photography

A trip through Franconia Notch squeezes travelers between the Linsman and Franconia mountain ranges. Here, Interstate 93, one of the few stretches of two lane highway in the system, threads through the White Mountains. Franconia Notch State Park straddles the highway, and was most famous for New Hamshire's iconic Old Man of the Mountain. Occasionally visitors still seek out this unique rock formation, only to be disppointed to hear of its collaspe in 2003. Franconic Notch State Park features the Flume Gorge, Echo and Profile lakes, skiing, biking and hiking trails.
Profile Lake marks the headwaters of the Pemigewasset River. Plain Pemi to local residents, the 65 mile river is noted for its trout fishing and numerous sections of varying whitewater recreation.
Pictured here in this scene along the boulder strewn Pemi suggests why New Hampshire has always been a perenial favorite among vacationeers and sightseers. Mountains, thick forestlands, quick-flowing rivers and charming villages impart a myriad of scenic images of the Granite State.



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