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Brown Spring Farm

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Brown Spring Farm - West Newbury, Massachusetts

Photo by Frank Vetere
Frank Vetere Photography

   By late September, while West Newbury residents are raising their hopes on a strong Red Sox finish, the maples are showing the first signs of fall color. Here at the Brown Spring Farm a stack of bright orange pumpkins signal October is right around the corner. Locals enjoy fresh farm vegetables, fruit and flowers throughout the summer. New England farmers have begun to rely on local consumers, with some farmers reporting 100 percent of their sales going direct to the public. Hopefully, continued support will encourage a new generation of young farmers.
   Although West Newbury was settled in 1635, the break from Newbury lingered on for a few hundred years. Since the early 17th century, the area's economy has been centered on farming. Today the Essex County hills are still covered in a patchwork of cropland, picturesque farms and orchards filled with fruit trees. Over the last two decades this pleasant mix of town and country has attracted an increased amount of newcomers. With beaches just 10 minutes away, surrounded by beautiful rural land and city comforts nearby, it's easy to understand the attraction to this Massachusetts North Shore community.

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