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EFSC Planetarium and Observatory

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EFSC Planetarium and Observatory - Cocoa, Florida

Photos by Ben Prepelka
Full Moon inset by John Patrick

     Located on the coast of central Florida, Full Moon - Milky Way Galaxy the Planetarium-Observatory of Eastern Florida State College is recognized as one of the finest planetariums in the country. Hoping to inspire students to pursue careers in science, the planetarium is in tune with all the latest technological advances. A home for two amazing theaters, the Star Theater houses the world’s first combined digital and optical-mechanical projection system and the Discovery Movie Theater features a giant movie screen, utilizing a 70mm large-format movie projector. Here in the comfort of unidirectional seating, the Star Theater Ritchey-Chretien reflector telescope - EFSC Observatory, Cocoa, Florida is able to simulate realistic views of a local starry night sky. Larger than life, the movie theater offers science documentaries from National Geographic, IMAX, and MacGillivray Freeman Films.
     Up in the observatory dome, visitors will find a 24-inch reflecting telescope, one of largest telescopes available to Orion Constellation the public in Florida. The Ritchey-Chretien reflector telescope allows planetarium guests to view our Moon and planets, plus amazing views of nebulae, star clusters, constellations and galaxies. A six inch diameter refracting telescope, saddled to the side of the 24-inch reflector, is equipped with a sensitive video camera. Observatory guests are able to see its images displayed on a computer monitor.
     Not only does the planetarium help inspire students, the observatory is also open to the general public every Friday and Saturday evening when weather permits. Guests are invited up to the 20-foot diameter dome from dusk until 10 pm, where volunteers offer a first-class tour of the heavens.

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