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Dinosaur National Monument

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Green River - Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Photo by Cecil Whitt
Wilderness Spirit Photography
Inset photos courtesy NPS

   References to dragon bones date back thousands of years, Dinosaur Skull in Matrix - Dinosaur National Monument, Utah but the first scientific descriptions of dinosaurs began to emerge in the early 1800s. Before the word dinosaur existed, huge fossil bones and teeth set off a new era of scientific exploration. Found throughout the world, dinosaur fossil remnants still stir our imaginations.
   Here at the Dinosaur National Monument visitors will find the largest quarry of Jurassic period fossils Allosaurus Exhibit - Dinosaur National Monument, Utahever discovered. More than 350 tons of rock and fossils have been excavated on site, including full dinosaur skeletons. Employing specialized building practices, the park's Quarry Visitor Center was totally rebuilt and reopened after being closed for over five years. For dinosaur fans, the 150-foot-long quarry wall is peppered with more than 1,500 fossilized bones. This window through time reveals a period when dinosaurs roamed the rivers and plains of Utah and Colorado.
   Besides dinosaur bones and fossil fragments, the Dinosaur National Monumentís Green River Whitewater - Dinosaur National Monument, Utah great outdoors offer plenty of room for recreation. Deep canyons, sculpted mountains, and brisk flowing rivers are another part of the lure of the park's 200,000 acres. Exciting Green River rafting trips, backcountry hiking trails and miles of rugged scenic drives lead park visitors to some of the best viewpoints of these rugged canyonlands. Ancient petroglyphs, historic log cabins and a maze of sharp-sided canyons are more of what you'd expect on the Utah-Colorado Border.

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