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September 11 Memorials

NYC 9-11 Memorial - New York

NYC Photos by Charles Chessler
Charles Chessler Photography

     Over the last eleven years, NYC 9-11 Memorial since the Al-Qaeda attack on America, more than 700 memorials have been raised across the United States. Steel remnants from the World Trade Center buildings have been distributed from the Port-Authority of New York and New Jersey to fill countrywide requests for city memorials.
     The last standing column of the World Trade Center and FDNY Engine 3 fire truck are now displayed at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. Baltimore Inner Harbor 9-11 Memorial
     Maryland's tribute lies in the outdoor plaza of Baltimore's World Trade Center. Overlooking the Inner Harbor, three steel beams (inset) from the North Tower pay tribute to Maryland's 68 heroes who died in the attack.
     Pictured here is the Booker T. Washington Middle School community flag tribute. Each flag represents the 2,985 lives that were taken in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and New York's World Trade Center.


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