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Tear Drop Memorial

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Tear Drop Memorial - Bayonne, New Jersey

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Just like millions of others around the globe who witnessed a series of horrible terrorist attacks unfold on September 11, 2001, Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli was also moved to tears. Witnessing more tears being shed outside the American Embassy in Moscow, Tsereteli was inspired to use the teardrop shape in some type of memorial. After his trip to the Twin-Tower site in New York City, lying in a mass of steaming, twisted rubble, Zurab quickly decided on the details of his monument. Cast in the shape of the twin towers, the 100 foot tall monument is split in jagged pattern, a frightening reminder of that shocking strike.
   The 175 ton bronze sculpture was cast in St. Petersburg, Russia, made up of four large pieces, plus a four ton nickel teardrp. Shipped to Bayonne, New Jersey, the monument pieces arrived in August, 2005. The ground breaking ceremony followed in September, lead by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladmir Putin.
     During the following year, the memorial To the Struggle Against World Terrorism was raised and dedicated on September 11, 2006. President William Clinton delivered a heartfelt speech, thanking the Russian people, and thanking the artist for capturing his heartfelt memories that go beyond words in his sculpture.
   Located in a busy industrial setting on the waterfront of Bayonne, rumors of moving the memorial from Harbor View Park have been circulating ever since. While the park offers a great view of New York City and Lady Liberty, waiting in traffic for hundreds of cruise-line passengers to pass through security may add some merit to the idea. But the N.J. Port Authority has no intentions in moving the monument.

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