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Silver Lake Flat Reservoir

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Silver Lake Flat Reservoir - Provo, Utah

Photo by Mark Nielsen
Mark's Independence Rock Site

   Located in American Fork Canyon, a pair of reservoir lakes draw in anglers, hikers, bikers, canoeists and sightseers. Although there's no camping allowed within a half mile zone around the lakes, area campgrounds are very much enjoyed in this mountain setting within the national forest.
   While the lake and streams are stocked with rainbow and brook trout throughout the summer, and fishing is one of the attractions, the big story here is hiking the Silver Lake Trail. By the end of summer the reservoirs have lost a large amount of their water and good fishing has faded. But with autumn nearly here, the aspen forests, with their golden foliage, make this area a sightseers delight. The Silver Lake Trail weaves its way through the aspens and deep-green fir, following a well worn trail. It's a popular hike with a moderate climb, only testing the endurance of those who don't walk on a regular basis.
   With Mount Timpanogo drawing the most attention, views from the top are described in many superlatives. Here in the Wasatch Range snow may linger on the trail through May, but quickly disappears by the first days of summer. Trails in and around American Fork Canyon are shared by bikers, horseback riders and ATVers. Within this is a fee area, the family-style attraction is also frequented by picnickers, photographers and all types of nature lovers.

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