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Impassable Canyon

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Impassable Canyon - Frank Church, River of No Return Wilderness, Idaho

Photos by Rob Jones
Rob's Trip Report

     America's Wilderness Act was passed in 1964 ... a bold experiment Tappan Falls - Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho which set aside nine million acres of land from south Florida to northern Alaska. The idea was to permanently preserve various tracts of wilderness from future development. Fifty years later, U.S. Forest personnel agree that the idea sounded much easier than present day realities.
     One would think that the remote area of Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness, in the heart of Idaho, would be the ultimate get-away, far away from city noise and throngs of looky-loos. Those that fly into the wilderness for the weekend and stay at luxury cabins seem to have changed the spirit of this wilderness. Something Frank Church never envisioned, easy access to this wilderness preserve allows hundreds of visitors to make the rafting trip down the River of No Return. Velvet Falls - Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho Main tenets of the Wilderness Act have been slowly been diluted, belittled and forgotten.
     This scenic view along Middle Fork of the Salmon River shows the core of Impassable Canyon. Aside from a heavy influx of summertime river-runners, the area from Big Creek to the confluence of the main Salmon River remains truly a wilderness area and a rare treat for private party boaters. The Impassable Canyon, remaining in a near pristine state, allows many to encounter a trip of a lifetime and a true wilderness experience.

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