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Devil's Hopyard State Park

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Covered Bridge - Devil's Hopyard State Park, Connecticut

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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Devils Hopyard Bridge      With a name that will have you doing a double-take, and tales of one of the most beautiful waterfall settings in Connecticut, Devil's Hopyard State Park well deserves a spot on your bucket-list. Although it's not huge, its intriguing landscape, ripped by glacial plucking and erosion, is set off by rocky ridges, U-shaped valleys and imposing outcroppings of metamorphic rock. Chapman Falls - Devil's Hopyard State Park, Connecticut Colored by biotite mica, the dark rocks provide a stark contrast to the area's bright autumn foliage.
     From the parking lot, it's hard to miss one of the park's main features, a covered footbridge that crosses Eight Mile River. Appearing as a relic from the past, this wooden bridge was the second on site, built by park staff in 1986. The original bridge was destroyed in 1982 when the swollen West Branch of Eight Mile River ripped through the park. As the bridge signals the beginning of the orange blazed Vista Trail, park hikers are reminded they may explore most of the park over Devils Hopyard Entrance Sign acreage over eight loop trails. In addition, a few short spur trails lead to more of the park's rippled topography and scenic vistas.
     A pathway from the parking lot leads to a short climb to Chapman Falls and a series of potholes worn into the bedrock. Fooling early settlers, the Devil's footprints are now known as a natural occurrence. Sometimes a stone is captured in an eddy, wearing a depression in the stream bed. These depressions attract more abrasive stones, and good sized potholes are formed. Along with these interesting geological features, the park’s 800 acres offer a full day of fun and adventure.

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