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Granite Peak

Granite Peak

Photos by Chris Henn

McDonald Lodge Glacier National Park, an awe-inspiring landscape, moved the Blackfeet Indians to look upon it as holy ground. Sharp mountain peaks were carved out by glaciers long ago. Today, the glacier count has withered to 37 named glaciers. A count during the 1800s cataloged more than 150. An estimate sees the last of the glaciers withering by 2030. This short term warming trend has some environmentalists concerned, but in the Earth's long history, a 250 year period is insignificant.
It was these great peaks that inspired Louis Hill, president of the Great Northern Railway, to refer to the area as the American Alps. His development plan utilized Swiss architectural styles for the great lodges and chalets of Glacier. Over time the Great Northern Railway developers applied the Swiss style to the entire park. Today six of these hotels and chalets carry official designations as historic sites.



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