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Sierra Nevada Mountains

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Sierra Nevada Mountains - Lone Pine, California

Photo by Ben Prepelka
Inset photo Jack Brauer

     Even before the official start of civil twilight (not the rock band), the sun has already cast its orange glow on some of the tallest peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Known as the snowy mountain range to the Spanish, these west coast mountains run for 400 miles along the California and Nevada border. Seen here from Whitney Portal Road and the Alabama Hills, this range of exposed granite was formed deep within the earth more than 100 million years ago. In recent geological time the range was uplifted Mt Whitney - seen from Mt Irvine and eventually "scoured clean" by glacial activity.
     From this massive range and snow-capped peaks, hundreds of cascading rivers and streams are born on both the east and west slopes. Here among the majestic peaks, with Mount Whitney just to the right of center, you are looking at some of the most picturesque and imposing mountains in the world. Protected by nearly two dozen wilderness areas, national parks and monuments, the Sierras have become the ultimate in backcountry hikes, a photographer’s wonderland and a mountain climber’s playground.

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