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Colorado River Canyonlands

Colorado River Canyonlands - Cardinas Butte View

Photo by Rob Jones

     A muddy green ribbon weaves through the canyon in this mottled, majestic Grand Canyon view. Overhead clouds have created this unusual canyon scene. The distinctive Colorado River looks thin and stationary at this great height, but far below lies one of the most important water sources in the southwest. The 1,400 mile long river begins its long journey high in the Colorado mountains at Poudre Pass Lake. Along the way, it has created miles of canyonlands in all five states it touches. Majestic scenery, created by yesteryear's uncontrolled fury of the river, is found at the Colorado National Monument, Canyonlands National Park, Marble Canyon and of course, Arizona's Grand Canyon.
     Although seven major rivers join up with the Colorado, the flow that eventually reaches Mexico and the Bay of California is often times just a trickle. No longer does the Colorado cut through the southwest unchecked. Over a half dozen dams generate power and siphon off water, servicing thousands of communities and vast tracts of farmland along the way.



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