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Port Angeles Harbor

Port Angeles Harbor - Washington

Photo by Jim Stiles
Jim's Photo Gallery

     Lit up like a small city, this massive freighter makes its entrance into the largest port city on the Olympic Peninsula. Always an impressive sight, this night view of Port Angeles catches the slow plodding ship as it passes the Ediz Hook. Here in the deep water harbor, created by a natural sand spit, a steady stream of freighters come and go serving the Seattle/Tacoma area. First finding its niche shipping lumber during the late 1800's, the port has expanded, moving a wide variety of cargo today. Still, one of the chief exports to Asia is Washington State wood products, as more than half the Evergreen State is covered with huge tracts of forestland. This strategic location is located on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, with direct access to the Pacific Ocean. Port Angeles enjoys a moderate climate, heavily influenced by the surrounding waters. Directly across the strait to the north lies Canada's British Columbia and the city of Victoria.
     The port received its name way back in the late 1700's when Spanish explorer, Francisco de Eliza, christened the area Puerto de Nuestra Señorade los Angeles. The Port area recently received much attention after the best selling series of Twilight saga books created a ton of Bella and Edward fans. It seems the Bella Italia Restaurant and Dazzled by Twilight Theater has enjoyed a surge in popularity.



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