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Feature Show Falls

Feature Show Falls

Photo by Eric Noel
Boulder River Gallery

Often mistaken for Boulder Falls, this trail-side waterfalls is a popular stop along the Boulder River Trail. Here, Feature Show Falls drops in multiple streams, thundering in concert with the Boulder River. This well-worn trail is featured as a family hike, with plenty of sights, sounds and smells along the way.
Nearby Darrington, and a few hours north of Seattle, the Boulder River Wilderness holds an impressive tract of old growth forest, ridges of saw-tooth mountains and the centerpiece of the area, Three Fingers. Black bear, elk, deer and mountain goats are the most visible mammals in the wilderness. A large preserve over 48,000 acres is mostly trail-less. With its 25 miles of hiking paths, the 4.3 mile Boulder River Trail remains the most popular.



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