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Cedar Falls

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Cedar Falls - Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

Photos by Gregory S. Hamilton
Gregory Hamilton Photography

   Hocking Hills State Park, one of the most scenic areas in Ohio, is divided up Cedar Falls Bridge - Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio into six park sections. The Cedar Falls area features a particularly beautiful waterfall setting and one of the most reliable falls in the park. A two and a half mile hiking trail leads through a dense stand of hemlocks, connecting the lower gorge of Old Man's Cave to Cedar Falls. But for those anxious to see this enchanting ravine without a long walk, Route 374 ties these two attractions together. From the parking area, a half mile loop trail guides visitors down sandstone and wooden stairs, and over footbridges to the falls area.
   The Hocking Hills area, just south of Logan, is covered in a very old hemlock forest. During the late 1800s, area residents assumed the Cedar Falls Snow Scene - Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio impressive trees were cedar and erroneously applied the name to this delightful waterfall. The natural beauty of the Hocking Hills can be further explored over 25 miles of trails. Here, immense caves, tall sandstone bluffs, deep gorges, tree-lined paths and picturesque waterfalls make this park one of Ohio's a special attractions. While all six sections of the park deserve a visitor's attention, it's often said that one of the best trails in the park is the gorge trail from Old Man's Cave to Cedar Falls.

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