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Blue Hole of Santa Rosa

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Blue Hole of Santa Rosa - Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Surrounded by a semi-arid land of broad mesas and vast expanses of ranchland, Blue Hole is truly a desert oddity. Blue Hole Info Sign - Santa Rosa, New Mexico Flowing at a constant rate of 3000 gallons a minute, the clear blue waters remain at a chilly 61 degrees. Just about two hours east of Albuquerque in Santa Rosa, this popular summer retreat offers a great place to cool off and enjoy the refreshing reservoir. Blue Hole Swimmers - Santa Rosa, New Mexico Slabs of rock stretch across the northern end of the crystal clear waters, creating several levels of natural diving ledges.
     Shaped like a huge bell, the 80 foot deep pool gradually widens as it approaches the bottom. With its exceptional water clarity, this is a natural attraction for divers. Receiving worldwide attention from the diving community, seldom a day goes by without scuba divers present. Doubling as a fish hatchery in the 50s and 60s, divers still swim among remnant goldfish, carp and koi. Here in Santa Rosa, the City of Lakes, the elevation is 4600 feet. Divers must consider Blue Hole a high altitude dive, and understand the complex reactions of decompression illness. Blue Hole's training platforms at 20 and 25 feet and scuba instructors help educate novice divers. This dive is so popular over 8000 diving permits are issued here every year.

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