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Lighthouse at East Wharf

Lighthouse at East Wharf - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Commonly found along America's coastlines and throughout the Great Lakes Region, one may never imagine seeing a lighthouse in the nation's heartland. But, standing 36 feet tall, the Lighthouse at East Wharf flashes a red, two second off-on pattern from dusk to dawn over Lake Hefner.
     Found on the north edge of Oklahoma City, the 2500 acre Lake Hefner was created in the mid 1900s and named after Oklahoma City’s mayor. Built to provide water for a growing city, the lake doubles as a huge recreation area. During weekends in the summer, families enjoy lakeside boating, fishing, sailboat races, picnicking, jogging trails and playgrounds.
     Here on the east side of the lake, Lighthouse at East Wharf - Lake Hefner Lighthouse, Oklahoma City keeping company with a marina and a line of restaurants, lighthouse fans will find the East Wharf Lighthouse. Inspired by the second oldest lighthouse in the country, Oklahoma City's Lighthouse at East Wharf was built of concrete. Also known as the Lake Hefner Light, the hexagonal tower's concrete panels were prefabricated and quickly raised on site. In an area subject to tornados, the lighthouse is just as sturdy as those on the coast. Built in 1999, the lighthouse is now a member of the U.S. Lighthouse Society. In an area that's an eight hour drive from the Gulf, the lighthouse can be a refreshing reminder of America's seaside sentinels.



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