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Kymulga Covered Bridge

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Kymulga Covered Bridge - Childersburg, Alabama

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Looking back to the beginning of the 19th Century, American industries put on an extraordinary growth spurt that would surprise today's history students. Keeping pace with production, transportation became one of the components of success. And one of the key elements of this fledgling highway system was the bridge. Here, American ingenuity, persistence and resourcefulness comes to light. Beginning with the first bridge, spanning the Schuylkill River in 1805, Kymulga Bridge View the century began with a flurry of bridge building activity. By the 1870s more than 10,000 covered bridges dotted America’s countryside.
   Lately, the covered bridge count has dwindled to less than 800 countrywide, and Alabama has fewer than a dozen survivors. Pictured here is the Kymulga Bridge, a single 105 foot span which crosses Alabama’s Talladega Creek. The bridge provided access to the Kymulga Mill, and also connected with the old Georgia Road. Today it is used as a foot bridge, leading Kymulga Park guests on a series of nature paths. This Civil War era bridge is a testimony to American craftsmanship and design.

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