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Jimmie Rodgers Museum

Jimmie Rodgers Museum - Mississippi

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Considered as the Father of Country Music, Meridian, Mississippi, salutes their legendary son Jimmie Rodgers. Built to resemble a train depot, the Jimmie Rodgers Museum is located in Meridian’s Highland Park. Known by a number of nicknames, James Charles Rodgers (the Singing Brakeman) was born September 8, 1897, the youngest of three boys. By age 13, the young entertainer was retrieved twice from traveling shows. Rodgers’ first job was with the railroad, where he honed his guitar playing skills. Contracting tuberculosis at age 27, Rodgers was forced to quit the railroad.
Jimmie Rodges Memorial      Over the next nine years, Jimmie Rodgers and his family traveled the United States, touring with a band, singing on the radio, and recording with Victor Records. One release, Blue Yodel, propelled Rodgers to the top, selling more than 500,000 records. At age 35, Rodgers gave in to tuberculosis and died while recording in New York City. Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose and Hank Williams were the first members elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1961.
     The museum, pictured here, features Jimmie’s guitar plus other country music and railroading memorabilia. The static display of a vintage Baldwin steam locomotive, built in 1917, was last used on the Meridian and Bigbee Railroad. Highland Park is also home to the only two-row Dentzel Carousel in existence. Built in 1896 for the Saint Louis Exposition, the carousel is now a National Historic Landmark.



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