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Holland Lake

Holland Lake

Photo by Rick George

     Montana's scenic Route 83, the Seeley-Swan Highway, follows the broad Swan Valley that's closed in on each side with the Rockies' Mission and Swan mountain ranges. Holland Lake, one of the area's photogenic wonders in Swan Valley, is a popular destination for summer recreation. Here, boating, skiing and fishing activities cover the cool lake waters. An excellent day of fishing would include catches of a variety of trout, whitefish and Kokanee salmon.
     The lake is surrounded by summer homes and resort inns, quite different from the pristine mountain lakes found in the adjacent Bob Marshall Wilderness. The Bob is Montana's largest preserve and second largest in the lower 48, taking in over one million acres. This roadless wilderness was named for early forester and wilderness advocate, Bob Marshall. The Bob includes the rugged peaks of the northern Continental Divide, offering over 1,000 miles of hiking opportunities, countless lakes, clear montain streams, and vast stretches of dense forest land.



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