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Turks Head

Turks Head

Photos by Rob Jones
Stillwater Trip Report

     Taking a short hike up from the Green River leads to this dramatic wonderland in the Maze District; a sampling of the views here at Canyonland National Park. In the foreground, Turks Head juts up from the river's bottomlands. The background view takes in Candlestick Tower and the distinct White Rim cliffs found across the river in the Island in the Sky District.
     Rugged access roads only begin to get you into the lands of The Maze. For most, getting there may call for a different approach. Launching at Mineral Bottom promises a leisurely Stillwater Canyon canoe trip. This cruise on Bottomland Ruinsthe Green River heads toward the Colorado River confluence; and along the way, there's 53 miles of glorious scenery. Here in The Maze, the Ancients have left behind their lasting imprints. Tucked into side canyons, and nestled in the cliffs, ruins (granaries) and archaic petroglyphs dot the sandstone rocks. This week long adventure, surrounded by towering canyon walls, camping under star covered skies, and taking Utah's incredible ancient landscape, makes for one grand experience.



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