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Temple of the Sun

Temple of the Sun

Photo by Bob Fagley

     Caineville Wash Road heads north from Utah's Route 24. This gravel and dirt road, found about 10 miles east of Capitol Reef's eastern park border, leads inquisitive travelers off to an adventure through the slickrock countryside of Cathedral Valley. The track, sometimes treacherous when wet, makes a large loop and exits through the Capitol Reef's South Desert, via Hartnet Road. To bypass crossing the Fremont River ford on the Hartnet Road side of the loop, another route, using Thousand Lake Mountain Road, leads west to Route 72, exiting north of Loa.
      Pictured here is one of the sights along the way, a massive sandstone monolith called Temple of the Sun. A sister formation, Temple of the Moon, also lies along the same short side trail. These formations are made up of Entrada Sandstone, deposited millions of years during the Jurassic Period. These pinnacles and monoliths were protected by a harder layer of Curtis sandstone, and the surrounding rock material has long since been eroded away.



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