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Snowy Range Scenic Byway

Snowy Range Scenic Byway

Photo by Ron McEwan

     The Medicine Bow Mountain Range crosses the Wyoming-Colorado border just southwest of Laramie. And here in southeast Wyoming, the Snowy Range Road is a great way to experience these majestic snow-capped mountains. Out of Laramie, Route 130 heads westward over the Wyoming prairie, also called the Laramie Plains. The Snowy Range Scenic Byway begins nearby the small town of Centennial, and there it begins its steep, twisting climb toward Snowy Pass, elevation 10,847 feet. To the north lies the granddaddy of the range, Medicine Bow Peak, topping 12,000 feet. There's a good reason the locals call these mountains the Snowy Range. The peaks never seem to completely loose their coating of snow, and by mid October the road is closed with snowfall, and The Snowies begin the winter season with a fresh coat of white. During winter months, Route 130 becomes a snowmobile and cross-country ski route. Northward, Medicine Bow National Forest provides more than 300 miles of trails for prime winter fun.
     Snowy Range Road was designated the second National Forest Scenic Byway during the 1920s. Libby Flats Overlook is one of the most popular stops on the Great Skyroad. Here, a stunning panorama includes the Laramie Valley, and the massive quartzite peaks of the Snowy Range. A mile to the west is Lake Marie, the most photographed stop on the byway. With two scenic byway designations and plenty of great reasons, this Interstate 80 bypass is one you shouldn't miss!

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