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Youngs Canyon Cascade

Youngs Canyon Cascade

Photo by Rob Jones
Wilderness Vagabond - Trip Report

     Centered in the Dark Canyon Wilderness, Youngs Canyon Creek drops in a noisy cascade as it nears the Dark Canyon confluence. Here, grasses, reeds, sedges, willows and box elder take advantage of the moisture and limited amounts of soil. This is southeast Utah's remote canyonland country, where a dozen side canyons offer miles of spectacular sights in a wild wilderness setting. Two main tributaries, Wooden Shoe and Peavine canyons, feed Dark Canyon over its 40 mile length. Other side canyon streams are intermittent, but powerful flash floods occasionally sweep through the streambeds.
     This landscape is typical of the Colorado Plateau, marked with rugged canyons, natural arches, prehistoric artifacts and cliff dwellings. To the arid west, Dark Canyon descends to the Colorado River, where steep canyon walls create darkness on the canyon floor. To the east, headwaters of Dark Canyon flow begin at Elk Ridge and the tree covered foothills of the Abajo Mountains.
     After becoming acquainted with Dark Canyon Wilderness, one would find it humorous to see a warning that no lodging is available. There are no paved highways, and access to the trailheads are over rough roads. Multi day backpacking trips, coupled up with primitive camping, are the only way to see this spectacular wilderness area.



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