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Deep Creek Bridge

Deep Creek Bridge

Photo by Rob Jones

     October 29, 1929, known as Black Tuesday, marked the beginning of America's Great Depression. Although the stock market experienced a resurgence during the first quarter in 1930, the rally was short lived. As Americans cut back spending and the nation's farm-belt crippled with drought, the country plunged into a deep economic depression. A variety of circumstances spawned widespread hardships that lasted for years. One of President Roosevelt's New Deal initiatives, pledged to pull the country out of depression, was the formation of a nationwide Civilian Conservation Corps.
     A total of 86,775 men were put to work in 51 Idaho camps from 1933 through 1942. A complement of CCC workers, led by Lithuanian stone masons, applied their expertise to this marvelous work of art. In today's Picture of the Day, a handsome stone bridge arches over Deep Creek as it nears the Selway River. The Idaho territory is found along the Magruder Corridor, one of the most remote and wild sections of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness preserve. Rugged mountain peaks, tracts of pine forests and the untamed Selway River are part of Idaho's protected lands, thanks to the tireless efforts of people such as Frank Church and Doris Milner.



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