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Cramer Lake

Cramer Lake

Photo by Rob Jones
Trip Report

The Sawtooth Mountain Range, a group of uplifted fault-block mountains, leaves no doubt about their name. These razor sharp rows of fractured ridges, made up of gray granite, present a spectacular backdrop for this scenic setting. Idaho's clear mountain air enhances this crisp view of Cramer Lake. The wonderful location will elude the majority of vacationers, as it's quite a few miles from any type of access road.
One trail to Middle Cramer Lake begins at the end of Hell Roaring Creek Road, and presents a trying 16 mile round trip hike. Some hikers start at Redfish Lake Lodge, and a boat ride across the lake shaves off five miles from this particular route. The trail head begins at elevation 6,000 feet, so for those out-of-shape and distant flat-landers, take heed. Sometimes, the rock climber's goal is the arrowhead about mid-center.



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