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Mount Katahdin

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Mount Katahdin - Millinocket, Maine

Photos by Neil Marcus
Neil's Mt. Katahdin Area Gallery

   Centered in Maine’s Highlands Region, Baxter State Park is dominated by an Acadian forest of white pine, hemlock, and spruce, characterized by rocky soils, Mt Katahdin Saddle Trail and scattered with outcroppings of bedrock. This view features Mount Katahdin, more of a cluster of peaks rather than a single mountain. Shaped by the glaciers of the Laurentian Shield, the Katahdin massif is part of the Traveler Range, seen here thrust up well above the tree line, with steep drop offs on all sides.
   Mount Katahdin is located in the rugged and remote Baxter Park, a land for true nature lovers. The park was designed to be seen on foot, which may include a climb to Mount Katahdin. Often seen as the focus of Appalachian Trail hikers, Katahdin is the tallest peak in Maine and the northern end point of the 2200 mile long AT. The boulder strewn trail to the peak offers one last challenge for the weary AT treksters, as well as those ardent state park visitors.

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