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Dorothy B. Oven Park

Dorothy B. Oven Park

Photo by Chris Henn

Mr. Will Oven donated a six acre parcel of land to the city of Tallahassee with the stipulation that it remain a public park. It's a memorial park, dedicated to the memory of Will Oven's wife Dorothy. This beautiful park is interlaced with trails, paths and boardwalks.
Originally the grounds supported a camellia nursery, and a large collection still remains here today. The park is also covered with azaleas, palms and a wide variety of Florida's native plants and shrubs.
The Dorothy B. Oven Park also promotes a vintage, 70 year old renovated home for business meetings and social events. The interior is covered with one-of-a-kind magnolia paneling and the floors are made of an unusual soft poplar. This soothing, natural area is a wonderful get-away from the bustle of the Florida's capitol city.



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