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Pineville Baptist Church

Pineville Baptist Church

Photos by Mike Franklin

     Hardy recognizable as a church, this clapboard covered building was once an integral part of Marion County's Pineville community. Pineville CemeteryThe Pineville Baptist Church is the only structure remaining in the once bustling railroad town. The long forgotten church cemetery reminds us that folks, just like ourselves, once lived and died in the area.
     During the 1840s and 1850s, the area counted on the rich soil for their livelihood. Cotton was the crop of choice, yielding high profits. Before the railroad age, Marion County plantations and farms depended on the Columbus markets 33 miles to the west. At Columbus, the Chattahoochee River was heavily utilized for the transportation of goods. During the 1800s, the river remained one of the area's principle outlets to rest of the world.
     Not having to rely on the river's favorable navigational conditions, the new generation of railroads proved much more reliable and widespread. Trade could be established far beyond Columbus. Pineville lived because of the railroad, and died when its commerce faded. It's interesting to note, the Spanish moss seen in this view is generally not found in this area. Along with freight from coastal regions, the tree-loving fungi would hop a train to its inland destination.



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