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Upper Mulley Twist Canyon

Upper Mulley Twist Canyon

Photo by Bob Fagley

Water Pocket Fold is a huge wrinkle (monocline) in the earth's crust and presented quite an obstacle for early pioneers. The 240,000 acre Capitol Reef National Park preserves this 100 mile long natural wonder. The barrier is made up of layers of red, white and brown (Wingate, Navajo) sandstone and is capped by a hard layer of Curtis rock, protecting underlying sedimentary rock from erosion.
Pictured here is a view along the trail of Upper Mulley Twist Canyon. It was said by early travelers that the serpentine switchbacks of Burr Trail through Water Pocket Fold would twist a mule around. Mormon pioneers traveled the canyon as a route between Escalante and southeast settlements, replacing an even more laborious Hole-in-the-Rock passage.
The park is split by Utah's Route 24 and both sides feature some wild and rugged backcountry land loaded with spectacular canyonlands and natural arches and bridges.



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