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Lake Mead National Recreation Area - Overton, Nevada

Photos by Alastair Allan
Alastair Allan Photography

   Higher than any dam ever built before, the Hoover Dam still Bighorn Sheep - Lake Mead NRA, Nevada is one of the tallest in the Northern Hemisphere. Anchored to the sidewalls of Black Canyon and measuring 660 feet thick at its base, the 726 foot high structure has held back the Colorado River since 1935. Some see it as a huge blemish on the ancient Mohave Desert where Native Americans roamed for 10,000 years. Here along the banks of the Colorado River Indian Tribes hunted game, collected desert plants and grew maize, Paddler - Lake Mead NRA, Nevada squash and beans.
   This striking Lake Mead scene captures a dramatic cluster of clouds over an inviting scene of blue water and brightly colored canyon walls. Built for practical purposes, the lake's secondary benefits offer a wide range of recreation sites. Spread over 290 square miles and attracting more than nine million visitors a year, America's first National Recreation Area around Lake Mead provides areas for boating, sport fishing, desert hiking, backcountry camping, lake-shore scenic drives, historic sites and picnic areas. Falling under control of the National Park Service, this unique contrast of desert and water continues to provide unexpected scenes of unspoiled backcountry, only enhanced by a backdrop of mountains and canyon lands.

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