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Lakeside Trail Crossing

Photos by Gary O'Toole
Old Western Photography

     Despite the traffic jams and countless visitors, Tahoe City residents have kept their sense of humor. Picture a line-up of tourists leaning over the bridge side-rails, looking at waters of the Truckee River. Dubbed the Fanny Bridge (destined to be replaced), the two lane bridge supports Route 89 traffic. Just downstream from the Fanny Bridge, built over the Lake Tahoe Dam is this tidy little covered walkway. Called the Lakeside Trail Crossing, this covered foot-bridge was built over the Lake Tahoe Dam in 2005. Since then, pedestrians, bicyclists and joggers have enjoyed this quiet alternative to the Fanny Bridge (seen in the background).
     The concrete slab and buttress dam, completed in 1913, answered pleas from vocal Lake Tahoe residents who were worried about spring flooding. Over the years regulating Lake Tahoe's water level has remained a difficult challenge. Lake Tahoe Dam During the last 150 years, the Truckee River and downstream residents have experienced 20 major floods. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, the region experienced one of the worst droughts where lake waters dropped three feet and the dry Truckee River hurt Fallon farmers who relied on irrigation. Even though Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in North America, a billion gallons of water in evaporation a day illustrates how dry the region is.
     As anyone would guess, the drought years were followed by heavy rains in December 1996. With 650 million dollars of flood damage in Nevada, fingers were pointed to Lake Tahoe Dam operations. It's hard to imagine this innocent looking dam and covered bridge sits at the head of one of the most regulated rivers in the country.



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