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Silver Jack Reservoir

Silver Jack Reservoir

Photo by Roger Gilette

The Bostwick Park Project, kicked off by the Colorado River Storage Project Act of 1956, aids the local residents in Montrose and Gunnison counties. The small farms in this area rely on irrigation for crops of alfalfa, hay, pasture grass, and feed grains. Construction on the Silver Jack Dam began in 1966, utilizing the flow of the Big Cimarron River. Massive mudslides at the dam site stalled completion of the project more than once. One huge slide dropped 700,000 tons of shale and mud, forcing the contractor to move the spillway stilling basin. The project was finalized in 1976 and dedicated on July 29th.
Silver Jack Reservoir, pictured here framed by golden aspens, also doubles as a recreational area. Visitors enjoy camping, fishing, boating and hiking trails. Access is from U.S. Route 550 east of Ridgway, Colorado.



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