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Sandstone Bluffs

Sandstone Bluffs

Photo by Ben Prepelka

A view from Sandstone Bluffs looks out into a relatively young lava field. Lava poured out of the McCartys Crater and covered the El Malpais area just 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. The Bluffs Overlook is south of Grants, New Mexico, and features some rarely used hiking trails that follow the edge of the bluff for miles. Other primitive trails lead down to the valley below and four large span, natural arches. A few miles south of the overlook, on Route 117, is the very large La Ventana Arch.
Gallo Peak (8,664) and Mount Taylor (11,301) rise in the distance. Mount Taylor has at least nine different names, in Navajo it's Tsoodzil (Blue Bead Mountain) and to the Acoma's, it's called Kaweshtima.



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